The University of Lincoln’s Big Draw Celebration of Drawing. The event took place on the 17th October, pupils from six Primary Schools came together under the Big Draw’s theme of ‘Play’ as part of the National Festival of Drawing which encourages people of all ages to come together and express their creativity through drawing.

The pupils took part in a range of workshops featuring Computer Animation, Creative Thinking, Drawing on Film, Kinetic Bicycle Drawing (using bicycles kindly donated by Lincolnshire Police), Drawing and Storytelling, and Ergonomic Drawing, some examples of the children participating in the activities are in the gallery at the bottom of this page.

To measure the impact of the event I have sent evaluation forms digitally and as hard copies with freepost envelopes to each school.  I have created one for the teachers and one for the pupils.  I have attached both in the email to you. I will, for future events amend all evaluations to ensure that I add in, did the transport being paid for influence your decision to attend the event at the university.

Some feedback on the day was “I love it here, I wish I could draw everyday” was a particular highlight.  Rauceby Primary School made all of the students who participated last year Arts Ambassadors, they shared their experiences with the rest of the school at an Assembly and recreated all of the sessions they took part in, one of which was recreating a dark room.  They have said they will do the same this year.  This was also suggested to the other schools on the day to ensure that each school that attends events would share their experiences with the rest of the school.

Once again thank you to The Johnson and Mukherjee Brothers Charitable Trust  for supporting the transport costs for the schools to be able to attend. I do believe that’s why we had full participation this year.